Tyre Rotation

Tyre Rotation Services

To prolong tire life, and to prevent uneven wear of your tires, it is recommended that tires be rotated every 10,000km. In addition, at Hankook, our wheel balancing machines are imported from Italy to ensure a high level of accuracy when wheel balancing is carried out.

24-Hr Recovery

24 Hours Recovery

Flat tyre? Flat battery? Fear not! Sin Hong Hwa Pte Ltd has a fleet of 8 Service Recovery vehicles which operates on a 24 hr basis to provide direct on-site support for your battery and tire woes!

Service Recovery Hotline: 7000-3456789

Car Battery Change

Battery Change Services

Don’t let a flat battery spoil your day by leaving you stranded. Get your batteries checked today! Here at Hankook, we offer Sealed Maintenance Free battery that ranges from 35 – 100 Amp.

Warranty Policy