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5 Year Warranty Assurance

We’ll replace your tyres at a prorated value if the tyre threads wear out before it is supposed to.

No Hard-Sell

We have a strict no-hard-sell policy, ensuring a pleasant experience for all our customers. If you encounter any hard selling, please feel free to email us, and we will provide you with a $15 voucher, no questions asked.

experienced mechanic

Trust our seasoned mechanics for precision repairs and unmatched automotive expertise. Your vehicle deserves nothing less than the best!

immaculate workshop

Experience the difference in our pristine workshop. Impeccable cleanliness and organization ensure your vehicle gets the care it deserves.

recommend tyre for your driving pleasure

Elevate your driving pleasure with our carefully selected tires. Discover the perfect balance of performance, safety, and comfort for your journey.

Tyres where you don’t need to compromise.

When choosing tyres, you’ll most likely need to compromise on price, quality, or durability. However, at Sin Hong Hwa Tyres Pte Ltd (SHH Tyres), we believe that you shouldn’t have to make sacrifices when it comes to your safety and driving experience.

  • superb braking abilities
  • high performance with excellent grip
  • durable
  • affordable

Drive with peace of mind and be confident on the road.

The advantage of choosing Hankook Tyres and Laufenn Tyres is their competitive pricing. We understand that affordability is an important factor for customers when considering tyre options. With our range of products, you can enjoy a cost-effective solution without compromising on the quality and performance that you expect from top-tier brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, and Bridgestone.

Additionally, Hankook Tyres’ status as the default original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for numerous leading vehicle brands speaks volumes about their compatibility and suitability. From Hyundai, Nissan, and Toyota to luxury car manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, and even electric vehicle pioneer Tesla, Hankook Tyres have been chosen as the trusted tyre supplier. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that the tyres we provide will be a perfect fit for your vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and safety on the road.


Hankook, along with its sub-brand Laufenn, has been consistently expanding its strategic partnerships with global automakers. This collaboration has allowed Hankook to take the lead in developing tyres that are specifically optimized for the unique characteristics of each vehicle model. Hankook also ensures that their tyres are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of different vehicle models, thereby providing optimal performance and driving experience.

customer testimonies

Ajmal Hussain
Ajmal Hussain
Went for wheel alignment today after booking a slot through a call. Shoutout to Elaine and 5 stars to her for the prompt assistance in booking a slot and explaining to also the car servicing packages they have. The wheel alignment pricing is also good however I’m still kind of skeptical after my alignment. Took photo of the completed alignment report, and you be the judge. Steering is a bit better now, but I am not feeling 100% satisfied. Let’s see… Also, mine is a Avante CN7 2021 aka known as Elantra CN7 worldwide. But they used Avante 2019 model and Elaine assured me it’s all the same platform , so I’m easy on that…
Weijing Sim
Weijing Sim
Was very pleased with the overall service of all their staff. Contacted SHH Tyres (Woodlands) through Whatsapp. Person was quite prompt in replying. I realised the Toh Guan branch was more convenient for me so the whatsapp person proceeded to help book an appointment for me there. Upon arrival, the receptionist, Hana was nice and polite. She provided information on their other products. Although I didn't take up any as I was still with AD package, she was still happy to answer all the other questions I had. Ah Sen, who was my mechanic, was friendly and completed four tyre changes fast. Cheers for the good experience.
Desmond Tan
Desmond Tan
Service was excellent!
Syaz Rin
Syaz Rin
Change 4 pcs of tyres. Unfriendly, irresponsible mechanics. After replacement i saw damage on my rim. Highlight to the mechanic, no apology and even say not done by them. Cashier too pushy on sales. Will not visit them again. Those changing tyres, change at own risk or choose other shop.
Dave Chung
Dave Chung
I only had my Regular Normal servicing. I took A Package 📦 & experiencing Good Service. The mechanic & Staff were dearly helpful with kind & Clear explanation of the car engine + Parts near wear & Torn. It was my third visits to ensure Good Service. Rotations were done, Tyres check. Swoop F&B . To me it was A Great Experience
TM Koh
TM Koh
A good place for your tyre needs like new tyres, check tyre pressure n tyre rotation. The mechanics are patient and offer great customer service.
Sunny Jie Z
Sunny Jie Z
Very irresponsible. Before buying their rims they will treat u well. After installation they just push u around and cant even solve the issues after installation. I shall not recomend anyone to buy rims from them. Regretted cause there are so many Shops selling rims and yet i end up buying from them. Thumbs down!



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